Sustainability – The need of the hour

#selfsustainability one step at a time – the SG AQUA way
Today everyone is excited to talk on conservation of water and environment. While saving precious water is necessary, creating fresh sweet water is absolutely essential.

The only way this can be done is by planting more trees and conserving the existing plants and trees. With shortage of overall living space and a greed to have bigger houses, very few people realise the importance of plants and trees: our first goal.

Many people to avoid muddy surroundings, go for putting tiles around their houses and do little to grow trees. Planting more trees in gardens and even small houseplants not only improves the ambience, it generates fresh oxygen for our family and also helps balance moisture in surroundings. This helps generate conditions conducive for more rain which brings saline seawater to your home as fresh, clean water. Let’s all pledge to plant some plants at home and at least create fresh oxygen for our own…
#selfsustainability one step at a time – the SG AQUA way

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