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INDION® MB-115  DI resin is a highly purified, ready to use, virgin mixed bed resin containing Strong Acid Cation resin in H+ form and Strong Base anion resin in hydroxyl form in the Volume ratio 1:1.5 This ratio of cation and anion is highly optimised combination for ensuring high purity of treated water and is very critical when  comparing for quality and price of the mixed bed resins.

INDION® MB-115 for high purity mixed bed resin manufactured by over 50 years experienced ISO9001 company ensuring absolute minimum ionic or non-ionic impurities required for ultrapure water applications.  One of the Pioneers in Ion exchange resin manufacturing since 1966.

Product Specifications: INDION® MB-115

Certified Properties- Tested as per ASTM /IS methods Strong Acid Cation Resin Strong Base Anion resin
Appearance Moist Spherical Beads Moist Spherical Beads
Ionic Form supplied  H+ OH-
Total Exchange Capacity (meq/ml)  1.80,  99% in H form 1.00 , 90% in OH form
Moisture holding capacity 47-55 % 60 % Maximum
Operating pH range 0-14 0-14
Thermal Stability Up to 120 deg C Up to 60 deg C

Application:INDION® MB-115 is recommended for Purification of Water used in electronic industries manufacturing electronic screens, Semi-conductors, TV tubes, cosmetics, Glass de-washers, EDM water purification, Car valeting, water fed pole as well as Window cleaning applications and Aquarium water purification where water purity is critical. 

All bags/batches are quality tested as per ASTM/IS procedures and Batch wise Certificate of Analysis and MSDS from Manufacturer available on request. All bags are supplied in tamper proof HDPE bags originally packed by Manufacturers. We do not sell loose resin or repacked bags. The shipping density of this item is 710gm/litre as mentioned in the product brochure

Prices mentioned are exclusive of shipping and shipping costs are separately added at checkout for delivery to UK Mainland (ex. Scottish Highlands).

The above product is marketed and supplied in UK by SGAQUA Services & Technologies Ltd.

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